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Discover Eyüp Sultan with Havalines VIP: A Luxurious and Peaceful Exploration of Spiritual Heritage

Eyüp Sultan is a unique district where you can intensely feel the spiritual atmosphere of Istanbul, renowned for its historical and spiritual depth. At the heart of this exceptional area lies the Eyüp Sultan Mosque, considered one of the most sacred sites in the city. A journey to Eyüp Sultan with Havalines VIP allows you to explore this spiritual heritage in comfort and tranquility.

Our VIP transfer service to Eyüp Sultan is meticulously designed to provide visitors with a luxurious and serene transportation experience to this holy area of Istanbul. With our professional chauffeurs and high-comfort vehicles, we transport you to the peaceful ambiance of Eyüp Sultan Mosque.

Eyüp Sultan and Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Eyüp Sultan is a historically and spiritually significant district located on the northern tip of the Golden Horn on Istanbul’s European side. Eyüp Sultan Mosque holds an important place in the Islamic world, built at the site of the tomb of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, a revered companion of Prophet Muhammad. This mosque and its surroundings are frequented by both local and international visitors throughout the year, with an especially intense spiritual atmosphere during Ramadan.

Our Services

Our VIP transfer service to Eyüp Sultan includes the following:

  • Airport and Hotel Transfers: We offer luxurious and serene transportation from any airport or hotel in Istanbul to Eyüp Sultan.
  • Spiritual and Cultural Tours: We provide exclusive tour transfers for visitors wishing to explore the spiritual and historical sites around Eyüp Sultan.
  • Special Occasion Transfers: We accompany you on spiritually significant days such as Mawlid and Kandil, ensuring peaceful transportation to Eyüp Sultan.
  • Group and Family Visits: We offer special arrangements and comfortable transfer services for family visits and group excursions to Eyüp Sultan.

A journey to Eyüp Sultan with Havalines VIP provides an opportunity to explore the spiritual side of Istanbul in luxury and tranquility. As you travel with us, you will experience the serene atmosphere of Eyüp Sultan and Eyüp Sultan Mosque in the most comfortable manner.